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Angela & Rob Ritter

Just Veggn’ was born from the idea that life shouldn’t be so complicated. Too often our workday begins before we see the sunrise and ends with laptops in our beds. It’s no surprise that there’s no energy left to cook a healthy meal to enjoy with friends and family. By dinner time, we’d really like to just veg out! Angie and Rob know the struggle. Both are passionate about life and work and pursuing their dreams....



Now Just Veggn' serves hundreds of health conscious eaters at five different markets throughout the Bay Area.  From the Original Tofu burger or the Vegan burger (both gluten free), to the gluten free chocolate chip cookies, Just Veggn’ customers can take pleasure in knowing that their meal was truly created from the heart using fresh organic and locally sourced ingredients that will nourish both their bodies and mind—so that they can also just vegg out!

Angela &

Rob Ritter